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Marketing Portfolio

Brand Management: Kashi: The Seven Whole Grain Company [PowerPoint]  

Brand Management: Kashi GoGreek (Extension and Launch in the United States and China) [Doc]

Brand Management: Kashi: Go Greek (Extension and Launch in the United States and China) [PowerPoint] 

Events Planning: Night at the Museum Event // Invitation 

Events Planning: Tide Pods: Show Us Your Laundry Day Fashion Campaign

Magazine Journalism: B'Wick Magazine Business Plan // Mission Statement // B'Wick Magazine

Radio/TV Copywriting: LUSH Radio Spot

Radio/TV Copywriting: Spudmaster Potato Chip Jingle

Radio/TV Copywriting: Janis Joplin, The Queen of Psychedelic Soul

Radio/TV Copywriting: SubAroma [PowerPoint] / :60 Radio Spot


Reflections on Islam: Finding a Place for a Traditional Religion in Modern New York

Editor-in-Chief, W27 Newspaper (8 issues)

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New York Observer

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